Why Owner’s Edge

Have you tried working with your CPA or lawyer to tackle business problems with no success?
Are you too close to the issue at hand to devise a solution?
Are you finding that you’re not able to transform your business’ numbers into actionable operation tactics?
Do you find yourself in an endless cycle of broad business proclamations and quick, unsupported tactics?

EVsWhile there is certainly no shortage of consultants, financial advisors, and the like waiting to offer up advice, our experienced team has an unparalleled depth of experience that many of these professionals cannot come close to.

At Owner’s Edge, we take a different approach to driving performance. Most every business professional will push “execution, execution, execution,” but how can you successfully carry out tactics without first determining a business strategy grounded in your long-term vision and supported by specific, actionable strategic and operational plans? You can’t.

In order to map out your business’ journey, we follow a formula known as EVS or Execution to the Power of Vision X Strategy. This formula is broken down into our Find Your Omaha™ methodology, a strategic planning process encompassing planning, execution, and profit phases.

We have helped businesses across a wide range of industries in some of the following areas:


Business Strategy RIWithout growth to the top and bottom line, a business will die over time. Where do you want your business to be in ten or twenty years? Growth is often compromised by the decisions of the owner. Owner’s Edge can advise owners on growth-driven business strategies that drive the long-term value of your business, no matter what life cycle stage you are in.


Business Strategy RIOwner’s Edge can provide professionals with expertise in sales, operations and finance that helps develop programs to adapt your existing structure to match the current and future needs of the business. By reviewing your processes, staffing, revenue, delivery, and many other factors, we can better understand how to move your business to a higher level of performance.


Business Strategy MAAs a result of the current economy, many companies are in need of business recovery and financial restructuring. Owner’s Edge can help you implement a business strategy to achieve real value and sustainable, transferable profitability, including turnaround situations, analyzing financial statements for pricing and risk levels, and obtaining business loans, funding, and grants.


Business Strategy MAFor those considering retirement, business succession, or other transition scenarios, having a process in place to protect your business and its value is key. Owner’s Edge has a team of transactional service providers to support all of your succession needs. We can measure your readiness to exit, help you choose the best option, and then execute your strategy.



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