EDGE Growth Diagnostic

As an owner, you have the responsibility of making many growth and structural decisions at the drop of a hat. Each and every one of these decisions have a long term affect on your business’ direction, growth, and execution.

Our EDGE Growth Diagnostic™  is expertly designed to quickly identify and prioritize your company’s opportunities and issues, based on your ROE (Return On Effort). Our work doesn’t stop there though- our diligent team of advisors and consultants recommend strategic and operational tactics to fix a frustrating problem or to exploit an opportunity for growth with our business solutions.

We understand that business owners are very busy. Our EDGE Growth Diagnostic™ will only take two meetings of your time; one to answer the initial diagnostic questions and a second to review your individual recommendations.

Business Solutions You Can Expect:

  • Identification of initiatives with the greatest positive impact on time and profit to maximize your ROE (Return On Effort)
  • Individual recommendations that serve as a baseline for strategic and operational planning
  • Data-driven analysis that examines your business, your market, and your competitors
  • Presentation of new opportunities or issues that are critical to your performance

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