EDGE Growth Programs

How do help you reach your business goals? Every new client at Owner’s Edge undergoes an EDGE Growth Diagnostic, our proprietary, seven-step program to completely evaluable and uncover your business’ strategic direction.

From there, we employ our Find Your Omaha™  methodology to help you define your Owner’s Vision, develop both strategic and operational plans, and execute on a variety of carefully chosen tactics. Our EDGE Growth Programs have been carefully designed to drive operational performance that will result in a more valuable, sustainable and transferable business model.

We offer three different EDGE Growth Programs based on engagement level: Coach, Proactive Advisor, & Strategic Partner.


Solutions to your Business Goals RICoach is our introductory EDGE Growth Program and has the smallest engagement level between Owner’s Edge and your company. Your Owner’s Edge advisor will conduct a monthly meeting to talk strategy, suggest new tactics, review your finances, and offer continuous education. The concept of owner accountability will be introduced, but due to the limited nature of this engagement, several of our most powerful resources are not provided.

Proactive Advisor

Reach your Business Goals RIProactive Advisor, our middle tier of the EDGE Growth Program, provides all of the benefits of our Coach program, but with the added advantage of implementation. Instead of just providing insights, your Owner’s Edge advisor will serve as a c-level resource helping to facilitate leadership and management improvements, planning for major initiatives, and working alongside your executives to drive operational excellence and reach business goals.

Strategic Partner

Business Goals RIOur Strategic Partner EDGE Growth Program is our premiere engagement level, offering unparalleled access to all of the services Owner’s Edge has to offer. Your Owner’s Edge advisor is essentially all-in and a part of your team, providing business budgets and forecasts, strategic merger & acquisition planning, transition and succession strategies. If you are looking to see your performance at a level you never dreamed possible, this program is for you.

RI Business Goal Achievement

* Indicates an additional fee. 

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