Like other CEO peer groups, ours acts as an informal ‘board’ to each of our members.   Accountability is a major benefit CEO’s find with this type of structure, and it works.  Owners in ceo groups generally find their personal and business performances are both enhanced as a result of this enhanced scrutiny by their peers.

Think you don’t need accountability in your business?  Consider this; owners claim business profit performance after membership in a peer group is enhanced by at least 10% as a result of their membership.  Many find that percentage to be higher.  Well worth the investment in membership.  But even more important to many of the owners polled was the enhanced decision-making they received from their fellow members through the ‘opportunity and issue vetting process’ many CEO groups use.

What about you?  Visit The EDGE CEO Advisory web page to see how you can use the power our peer group will provide to improve your business performance.


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