WIIFM.  A profound acronym for “what’s in it for me”.  It covers many areas of your business, but starting from the source (your customer or prospect) and working its way upstream sometimes (a lot of times) loses its focus quickly.  The easy answer to WIIFM is more sales.  But the ability to make it happen […]

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3 Steps to a Killer Vision Statement

Whenever I do a Vision/Strategic Planning session/workshop for my clients, I insist the owner kick off the meeting by providing the group with their Vision for the business.  Whether they already have one or not doesn’t matter.  The vision is the essential ingredient for any business to be able to create or refine a strategic […]

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“The Call” Will You Be Ready?

You just received an offer for your business…now what?  If it hasn’t happened to you yet, it probably will…IF your business is something worth buying.  It sometimes starts with a casual conversation with a competitor or it could be an unsolicited call from an investment banker on behalf of a client, or from another direction […]

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